Thursday, November 19, 2009


Recently a question was propsed on the MM forums asking what a model required in a photographer.
My first answer: Cookies.

I'm sitting on Titania's desktop, with a pint of Ben&Jerry's Half Baked. I just realized how serious I was.

Chocolate Chip. Snickerdoodles. Peanut Butter. Sugar frosted. Almond. Whatever you've got.

Being a traveling model was one of the hardest and most stressful things I have ever done. I honour every minute of it after. But traveling as a model is different from traveling on vacation. You don't save up and go and relax and see the site. You just go, and hope that everything pans out - and it never does.
I might not have slept in my own bed in a week, a month, 14 months - I might not have slept in any bed lately at all *points at burn on my arm, from sleeping on a floor too close to the radiator*
The art is worth it when I see it, or when I can take some time of and reminisce about it. But at the time of traveling and shooting, its those little things.

Almost everything went wrong during my last trip in NYC. My last shoot before leaving New York was with this very sweet man named Zoltan. He greeted me with a smile as he drove me to his studio and made me fresh Turkish Coffee before ever picking up his camera. Along with being wonderful to talk to, that was exactly what I needed at that moment.
This was only one of several much needed moments to pause, and only one of the people who made me smile along the way.

All the artists (and their wives, lets not forget) who have greeted me with cookies, fruit salad, coffee, lattes, brownies, crackers and hummus, genmai cha, homemade blueberry pancakes, really delicious wine, hot chocolate, boba tea, sandwiches, warm fuzzy blankets or robes, a smile, a good sense of humour, the common sense that Tricky, Massive Attack, and Depeche Mode are the best fucking bands to play during a photoshoot, The option to take a hot shower after our shoot, a big hug . . . They are most often the first people that I ever recommed to anyone, and I will never forget them.

You are beautiful. <3

Cookies. Don't forget the cookies. *makes mental note for when actually hiring models when I get back into figure drawing*

-image on top by fellow Traveling Lovely, Velocity. image on the bottom by BlueRiverDream, life saver that she is.


  1. cookies are the all important glue that hold many a shoot together imho and coffee ... lots and lots of coffee

    but no depeche mode...ever :-)


  2. Lovely sentiment, we all need a little pieces that make the thin air into home. I no longer travel for modeling but travel more then 320 day a year for work. Nothing makes me feel better then the smell of Starbucks and I don't drink coffee!