Monday, March 1, 2010

Seven Point Five Weeks, Eleven Hours

Those numbers are how long I've been on the road, and how long I slept last night. Respectively, of course. It was a highly enjoyable journey, all in all. The highlights, encapsulated as data points:

Six beds, five couches, three mats on the floor, one hotel room, and one very snug thermarest in the hatch of my car.

Fifteen shoots, one drawing session, and one painting class. Six cancellations, two of which were last-minute.

Three national parks, two national monuments, and many more national forests.

Thirty six stupid camera phone pictures of Jitterbug, my four-legged travel companion.

One oil change, zero flats.

For the next month, my travels will be limited to the stretch of I-5 between Olympia and Seattle, Washington. I'm staying with a dear friend in a trailer in the woods in Oly. I must say, I'm looking forward to spending a non-nomadic month here, re-energizing myself, and planning out details of my next stint on the road.

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  1. Amazing and awesome.The experience you faced during your travel is really fabulous.I hope you had great enjoy in your trip.But now time for rest.Good post.