Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Media

We used to get most of our bookings from OMP, then later, MM. Now I get most of my work off of craigslist, mostly MM folks who don't use the travel notification system. She said, "I've had bad luck in Ashville, people keep asking me to shave my bush or make dubious requests. . . "

I told her that I never turn my Facebook messenger on. She says she has to, that people book on the fly. A week ago I heard that tumblr what the place to be. That many models are getting their bookings from there now.

We were talking about changes as if they were a dream. Like unfamiliar languages and we were trespassers in a new world. Maybe it is because everyone is 10 years younger than us. We work all the time, it is just where we get out work that changes.

taken by Rebecca Lawrence


  1. What section of Craigslist do you search for bookings?

    As a photographer, I used to put my stuff in the "art/design/(whatever)" section but those response are no where near as plentiful as they once were.

    1. I search for bookings in both the artist and gigs sections of craigslist. I search using the keywords "nude" "figure model" "fine art" and "nudity." I don't know what other keywords people use to find listings, but those are the ones I use.