Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life Of Wanderlust

I've been a traveling art model for almost 3 years now, the lifestyle defiantly isn't for everyone. It can put a strain on having a "normal" life (who wants to be normal anyways?! ) I'm in love with the traveling part of it, I want to see and experience as much as I can,  rack up as many airline miles as possible, talk to even more people, and explore the cities until the soles of my shoes wear out.
My inspiration to keep going? Not who you's not a world leader or historical icon, it was a stranger that I ended up talking to while traveling with no schedule to be back to work next week. Looking at a tourist book browsing which restaurant to go to for dinner that night and deciding whether to book his hotel room a few more nights or see where the road would lead him to tomorrow. The career, house, corporate ladder and all.... that can wait, because if he doesn't let it wait he will only dream about the reality he is living now.

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