Saturday, July 25, 2009

If you're coming my way...

... I promise we'll have a good time!

I'm Titania Lyn, naked nerd. I'm from Milwaukee, and I've been modeling as my main bread and butter for almost two years now. Most of that work is booked while I travel. Sometimes, I'm only home for 4 days out of a month! My work consists of mostly nude (art and glamour) images. Sometimes I'm just really goofy. (SOMETIMES?? whatevs, Titania, whatevs)

Anyway, seems like one of my hobbies is hosting traveling models when they come to Milwaukee. I love making sure that my favorite people are picked up at the airport, fed, and feel at home. I know how much it sucks to have to stay in sterile hotel rooms by yourself, or with people who just don't "get it". It's great to be able to bring these top-notch models into Milwaukee so that the photographers here that I've become friends with have the opportunities that photographers in the bigger cities get to work with true professionals who rock each shoot.

My list of lovely boarders (and sometimes drive-by location shooting at my house) includes: Raelyn (my new roomate!! YAY!), Engel, Iona Lyn, Victoria Vertuga, Model Sarah, Xclrmoon, London Andrews, and soon Kimberly Marvel, Susie Belle, Betzu and Carlotta Champagne. All of these girls are like sisters to me! We share stories, share meals, swap wardrobe, go out, have fun.

You ladies are spectacular.

(photograph by Asher Love from Chattanooga)

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